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Effective delivery solution for all possible formats.

Value fulfilment through seamless delivery of orders is imperative for repeat business. However, the effort that goes into actualising this starts right from the order-taking stage. To be truly accessible, the best way is to go omnichannel. Restaurants typically get inputs from three sources: telephone, app or website. Third party aggregators also play a large role in receiving and passing on orders to restaurants through their App and website.

This seamless sequencing procedure from order reception to passing the order to the kitchen and from post-preparation to allocation of items to the driver based on delivery route, operational area and other parameters, such as multiple payment models, can be completely automated through Intellect Commerce's Delivery iFnB module.


  • Designed for minimum keystrokes
  • Automatic KOT generated in kitchen according to the scheduled time for the order, based on the preparation time of the recipe. Enabling reduction in order to delivery cycle
  • Kitchen Monitor Displays orders in waiting
  • Delivery Management gives better control of delivery team.
  • Order tracking based on Salesmen, Delivery Boy, & Customers
  • Dynamic customer search based on Phone Number, Name, Previous Order History, etc.
  • Centralized Call Center System to manage Online-Ordering
  • Automatic calculation of portions weight
  • Automatic calculation of costs
  • Comparison of actual cost of sold portions to the theoretical costs
  • Effective Driver Management feature


  • Provides advanced features like Specify Modifiers, Add-On & Preparation Instructions
  • Keep track of Delivery team for enhanced delivery management
  • Achieve customer delight through on-screen tracking of previous history based on taste and buying preferences

Simple, secure and centralized delivery solution with enhanced kitchen monitor and driver management. Achieve 20% reduction in delivery time with KOT automation.

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