Digital Supply Chain

Unlock Hidden Profits by Re-imagining the Supply Chain Strategy.

Today, retail chains deal in hundreds of thousands of products sold through multiple channels, each with its own unique complexities. They must factor in seasonal ebbs and flows and promotion-time spikes in demand. Clearly, therefore, the process of ordering and re-ordering needs to be tuned to this reality. How can the supply chain become more responsive, even as it frees up valuable human time? Can certain items be re-ordered automatically? Can the ordering-to-shelf cycle time be reduced? Can loss prevention be tightened? How to ensure there are no gaps between demand and supply? The time your Supply Chain goes 'Digital' is now!


  • Leverage basket penetration to determine a more advantageous procurement strategy
  • Keep a close watch on turns and take effective tactical decisions
  • Decide vendor share allocation strategy for maximum cost advantage


DigiVantage Framework

Configure 6 key algorithms:

  • ROQ
  • Lead time Vs. Sales velocity
  • Push-pull
  • Equal distribution
  • Grading
  • FIFO

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