The battle for the consumer's share of mind, heart and wallet has never been fiercer. Business managers have come to realize that loyalty not only comes at a premium, but can be eroded or transferred in the blink of an eye. How can they acquire and retain these fast-moving, customers - and, equally important, keep increasing their own share of the spending pie? The answer lies in engaging customers in an intuitive and personalized manner, all in real time, with vastly reduced human intervention. There is a clearly-defined role here for addictive customer engagement.

Have you wondered why certain stores or websites are always 'happening' and there is a crowd waiting to shop while others carry a deserted look?

Today’s consumer is not shopping just for the price and selection - they have multiple alternatives for these with vastly increasing retailers, as well as, channels.


9 by 9 loyalty dimensions

Configure any of the following parameters:

  • Modes
  • Channels
  • Brands
  • Individual/Family
  • Payment mode
  • Merchandise
  • Tier level
  • Longevity of relationship
  • Clock, calendar and season

They come to a specific store (or website) for the experience - a case in point is people visiting a movie theatre rather than watching a movie at home. This experience is further enhanced when it is personalised. A personalised retailing experience has almost always increased the revenue and profit margins, while also strengthening customer loyalty.

Intellect Commerce’s Loyalty and Engagement solution is a specially-designed customer engagement software that enhances the brand loyalty by bringing B-B-C focus. The retailer not only is able to monitor, track and create insightful interactions with the consumer, but as per their discretion, is also able to involve its own marketing, supply chain (or even vendor) to enhance this shopping experience.

Consumers are expecting retailers to know their preferences and interests. In our recent survey, almost 83% of consumers expressed that they were be likely to be a repeat customer if a retailer provides them with targeted, personalised offers. Our customer engagement software is being used to enhance the personalisation beyond the typical greeting of customers when they are at the store (or visiting website) - from sending personalised emails on birthdays and anniversaries to making recommendations based on previous purchase behaviour via a personalised landing page with “recommended products” section, to sending a SMS when their preferred brand in their preferred size and colour is going to hit the shelf.

Our analytics algorithms are able to analyse the buying patterns of a consumer across chains, channels and other interactions, to forecast to retailers what a consumer maybe looking for. Today, a consumer is well aware that the Big Data analytics are being used to help them receive such personalisation - it’s not that they are against that, but want the ability to respect and protect their privacy, based on personal preferences.

Power up the analytics engine to…

  • Create personalized pricing
  • Create promotions that increase share of wallet
  • Re-engage with high spenders
  • Increase bill size and value by selling related products


  • Highly configurable, targeted and personalised promotions. No more missed opportunities
  • Up sell and cross sell intelligently for a larger share of the spending pie. No more waiting in hope
  • Re-engage proactively with lapsed, idle or fickle high spenders. No more relying on past goodwill alone
  • Sell faster and sell more profitably. No more sluggish stocks sitting on the shelves
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