Intellect Commerce’s nGage platform is a specially designed customer engagement solution that enhances brand loyalty by sharpening the Business-Business-Customer focus. Through this innovative solution, the retailer will be able to monitor, track and create insightful interaction with the consumer, and also, as per their discretion, able to involve his own marketing, supply chain (or even vendor) to enhance the shopping experience.

Consumers are expecting retailers to know their preferences and interests. In our recent survey, almost 83% of consumers expressed that they were be likely to be a repeat customer if a retailer provides them with targeted, personalised offers. Our customer engagement software is being used to enhance the personalisation beyond the typical greeting of customers when they are at the store (or visiting website) - from sending personalised emails on birthdays and anniversaries to making recommendations based on previous purchase behaviour via a personalised landing page with “recommended products” section, to sending a SMS when their preferred brand in their preferred size and colour is going to hit the shelf

Our analytics algorithms are able to analyse the buying patterns of a consumer across chains, channels and other interactions, to forecast to retailers what a consumer maybe looking for. Today, a consumer is well aware that the Big Data analytics are being used to help them receive such personalisation - it’s not that they are against that, but want the ability to respect and protect their privacy, based on personal preferences.


One platform driving in all information

  • Seamless handling of multiple channels - B&M, e-Commerce, m-Commerce, others.
  • Your data, your way - Customized the platform the way you want it.
  • Always be connected wherever you are, whenever you want to.

Drive effective communication

  • Allow your valuable customers to provide feedback directly.
  • Native App allows tight binding with your worthy customers.
  • Allow them to send time-based predefined notifications.
  • Empower management through appropriate, real-time notification and capability to respond to stake holders and customers.
  • Drive specific communication by enabling filters such as customer segmentation.
  • Right communication at the right time. Send notifications as and when you deem fit. Track and measure outcomes.

Design promotions

  • Customize and seamlessly integrate your promotions across channels
  • Fix redemption limits of your coupons either on percentile or amount
  • Flexible and customizable as per user need, customer focus or location driven
  • Integrate promotions with customers’ wallets
  • Plan your campaigns and special notifications as per platform you wish to use

Design loyalty programs like Lego models

  • 9X9 technology. Design and customize loyalty programs as you want
  • Create point rewarding models based on customer actuals - tier and purchase
  • Deep dive. Handle complex SKUs or design point rewards for specific items. Drive sales to more profitable SKUs or private label.
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