The multichannel Retail business growth has had the most impact on the CD&IT market – the technology savvy consumer wants to research the product on Web, walks into a B&M store with lots of product and market data to compare and decide and finally may make a purchase on mobile. To address these tech-savvy consumers, not only does the CD&IT Retailers needs a system that offers ability to track serialized inventory but a truly omnichannel platform that offers a platform independent shopping experience. iRetail’s Digital 360 platform offers customizable serialization options at PoS, back-office or even thru the whole procurement, sales and post-sales warranty fulfilment cycle. In addition the order on web (or mobile) for shipment and/or store pickup further enhances the customer’s shopping experience.

Intellect Commerce caters to the CD&IT nuances like assemblies and kit management, cross-sell (DVR with a new TV purchase) or up-sell (recommendation for higher configuration based on Actionable Analytics parameters). Modular product design allows for adding/integrating service management capabilities that can manage post sales installation, warranty management, digital receipts and related alerts via SMS/email.


  • Serialized purchase
  • Serialized back office sales
  • Serialized sales @ PoS
  • Purchase schemes from vendor
  • Product delivery from a different location
  • Warranty tracking
  • PoS with back office sales
  • Loyalty management
  • Managing inventory turnover
  • Effective campaign management
  • Data consolidation across stores
  • Easy merchandising


  • Provides the ability to create dynamic combinations of products that can significantly boost sales and customer buying experience
  • Better management of merchandise with functionality to track inventory on serialization
  • Fully integrated warranty module to track after-sales warranty management
  • Better support for segmented promotions and customer loyalty programs
  • Enhanced customer experience through interactive multi-channels such as Kiosks and Webstores
  • Demand driven replenishment for better control on supply chain
  • Extensive reporting for collections by various metrics
  • Increasing sales with offerings for varied product mix-n-match
  • Specialised selling of services such as installation charges, phone & internet connections, ring tones, etc.
  • Call centre management for helping customers with post-sale procedures
  • Provision to define variable payment plans based on product, product category, customer and customer category
  • Effectively manage multiple price-points and rapid price reduction keeping profitability and margins intact
  • Cross-brand based promotions to generate faster sales
  • Consignment based purchase and sales to protect cash-flows

Proof Point The product provides ability to create dynamic combinations of products that can significantly boost sales and customer buying experience

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