Have you thought why certain stores or website are always ‘happening’ and there is a crowd waiting to shop while others carry a deserted look?

Today’s consumer is not shopping just for the price and selection - she has multiple alternatives for these with vastly increasing Retailers as well as channels. She comes to a specific store (or website) for the experience - just why people visit a movie theatre versus watching a movie at home. This experience is further enhanced when it is personalized. A personalized Retailing experience has almost always increased the revenue and can also increase profit margins and strengthen customer loyalty.

Intellect Commerce’s Loyalty solution is specially designed customer engagement software that enhances the brand loyalty by bringing B-B-C focus. The Retailer not only is able to monitor, track and create insightful interaction with the consumer but also, as per their discretion, able to involve its own marketing, supply chain (or even vendor) to enhance this shopping experience.

Consumers are expecting Retailers to know their preferences and interests - in our recent survey, almost 83% of consumers expressed that they would be likely to be a repeat customer if a Retailer provides them with targeted, personalized offers. Our customer engagement software is being used to enhance the personalization beyond the typical greeting customers when they are at the store (or visiting website), sending personalized emails on birthday and anniversaries to making recommendations based on previous purchase behaviour via a personalized landing page with “recommended products” section, to sending a SMS when their preferred brand in their preferred size and color is going to hit the shelf.

Our analytics algorithms are able to analyze the buying patterns of a consumer across chain, channels and other interactions, to forecast to Retailers what a consumer maybe looking for. Today a consumer is well aware that the Big Data analytics are being used to help them receive such personalization - it’s not that they are against that but want the ability to respect and protect their privacy, based on personal preferences.

Technology Edge

  • 9X9 loyalty dimensions. Combine, create, implement, delight by configure two or more of the following parameters: modes, channels, brands, individual/family, payment mode, merchandise, tier level, longevity of relationship, clock, calendar and season
  • Print loyalty card statements
  • Create loyalty card registration
  • Support loyalty card maintenance ( card closure, card re-instatement, card renewal/re-issuance, card up gradation, transfer points)
  • Reward points administration-issue/redemption/transfer
  • Transfer of points from one card to another
  • Multistore point accumulation and redemption


  • Delivers 28% higher ‘pocket penetration’ on frequent customers
  • Help achieve 50% higher ROI on loyalty programs than all competition
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo
  • Hong Kong
  • Mumbai
  • Singapore
  • Dubai
  • New York
  • London
  • Toronto
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